Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Singing Tip: Why Repetition is the Secret to Forming a New Habit

If you’re wondering why it isn’t so easy to sing like a pro after a few voice lessons, then you will want to read this article. I’m going to try to explain in very simple terms, how forming a new habit is the essence of learning to sing, and that you can get the results you’re looking for by following some very basic principles.

There are two types of people: the fast learner and the slow learner. The more difficult it is for one to absorb information during the learning process, the slower the learning curve. The purpose of this article, however, is to talk a little bit about how this applies to learning to sing. You’re going to be surprised to discover how your old baggage can follow you around for a while. And by this I mean to say, simply, that your bad singing habits need to be kicked out the door for you to get a new lease of life as a singer. You’ll be amazed at how easy forming a new habit can be with repetition. But in order to master repetition, you’ll need a few easy-to-follow tips.

The truth of the matter is, until you’ve figured out the best way to repeat your way to singing success, you will find applying your voice training to singing a wee bit more challenging. So let’s go back to the training. The plan to follow is very simple. Do the exercises on a daily basis. After a couple of weeks, pick up a song and try to sing it using your new skill. If for whatever reason you’re not quite nailing it—and the quickest indicator is if you STILL tend to shout and strain when you sing—then there are two possibilities. So now it becomes a process of elimination. And here’s how to assess your progress. ARE you doing the scales correctly? If the answer is yes, then the only other possibility is your old habits are catching up on you, for which here’s the solution.

Put those songs away and focus only on doing the scales correctly for as long as it takes. The idea is that you do them so often and so religiously that over time, you will automatically form a new habit in the way you use your voice. You will forget completely your old singing habits. That is the key. If you’re the kind of person that really wants to find that brand new voice inside you that’s screaming to come to the fore, then you’ll find that repetition beyond the call of duty does the trick every time. Never underestimate the power within you.

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