Wednesday, January 27, 2016

How to Learn to Sing with Joett Using Your Mobile Phone

No doubt, we all embrace technology for how much easier it makes our lives. In this article, I want to talk a little bit about how you can use your mobile phone to learn to sing. We watch videos on our mobile phone; listen to music; interact in social networks—and it’s all perfectly doable and extremely convenient. However, if you want to learn to sing on your mobile phone, the last thing you’ll want to do is use your phone’s speakers or plug in your headset to do it. It takes a lot more than that because you need a bigger sound and you need to hear yourself—clearly. So let’s take a closer look at the simple tools required to make learning to sing off your mobile as simple as ABC.

To learn to sing you need to do the scales. To hear the piano on par with the fuller human voice, you’ll need a bigger sound. Imagine listening to a tiny squeaky sound and trying to sing along to it. You’ll likely find yourself minimizing your natural voice to sing along to a minuscule piano. Clearly, this will not help you develop your voice. Hence, if it’s the phone you want to use to learn to sing, make sure it’s plugged into a music system (using the portable setting) like a home theater or a boom box, wherein the decibels can be adjusted to a perfect fit with the fuller human voice, so that when you’re listening to the piano through the speakers, you’ll feel your voice blend with the music—which is key to learning to sing—because the right balance of piano and voice is what helps train your ear in balanced equilibrium to your voice.

From the 1st of February, I will be offering a vocal coaching phone-in system, which is essentially YOU connecting with me on your mobile phone to do 20-minute vocal workout drills tailored to you, with me on piano in my studio the other end of the phone. My keyboard will be connected to my home theater, whose speakers will send the sound of the piano to you via my phone connected to my boom box, through which I will also receive your voice as you sing the scales. Your end, you’ll need to have YOUR phone connected to a home theater or a boom box, in order that you receive a bigger sound whose decibels are on par with your natural, fuller voice when you sing. So whatever I play, you will hear very clearly through your speakers, and whatever you sing, I will hear clearly through the speakers of my boom box. And that’s all there is to it.


If you’re keen to learn to sing using your mobile phone, simply call me to book a private 20-minute phone-in session. My fee is TShs 12,000 per session, payable in advance to my Tigo Pesa number (see poster in this article above for my Tigo Pesa number).


You'll need to ensure that you have enough airtime credit on your phone to last at least 20 minutes. Preferably, a direct call rather than a call via WhatsApp and Viber is better because not only will it be clearer without the breaks, it cannot be interrupted by an incoming call on either side.


The same applies with international calls, however, in this case (Skype) it is possible to call a mobile number anywhere in the world from your computer for very affordable rates. So please do bear this in mind.

You are the instrument, learn to sing like a pro!


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