Friday, September 16, 2011

What Went On Inside TIKISA Shoot in Pictures

TIKISA is going well, I'm glad to say. I think its popularity is growing steadily week on week, and the dancers are getting better and better with every show. I am truly amazed and proud of these kids. Considering none of them had previous experience in salsa, rhumba and merenge ... this is impressive! I just want to share with you SOME images from last week's episode. There's one of me posing for the camera with fellow judges QSK (far left) and Sauda Simba. In another blog post today (the Swahili version), there's a group shot of ALL the contestants who participated in the competition last week... by which time three couples had already been eliminated from the competition. Sad to see them go, but this is, after all, a competition. Winner takes it all!


We shot the next episode YESTERDAY. Loads of great fun. INCREDIBLE show. Our competitors have moved up yet another gear. You will be AMAZED. I know I was. The heat is on. "Chungu kimechemka!" Watch your TV screens this weekend, Saturday 10pm on ITV.

So until next time, please stay tuned to what's happening on TIKISA right here on Joett Music blog! I promise I will do my best to keep you updated.

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