Friday, January 21, 2011

Practice Singing With The Beatles "Yesterday" Reworking by 80s Star Stephanie Mills

When I was browsing Internet radio Jango, where my current pop single has received over 2,000 airplays, I stumbled upon an 80s pop star Stephanie Mills. Stephanie, a childhood friend of Michael Jackson, has an amazing voice. I haven't seen nor heard this woman since the 80s. So when I listened to her new single "yesterday" (on Jango), a remake of The Beatles smash hit, I was gobsmacked (and quickly bought the track off Amazon MP3)! It kinda reminds me of the origins of my new single -- Stephanie Mills rendition of "Yesterday" is simply guitar and voice. I love it!

SINGING TIPS: As you practice, please pay attention to the way she projects her voice; and the way she switches octaves. Make sure your breath intake is done wherever there is a break to do so. Steadily drop the jaw and drink that breath before each note. Please pickup the lyrics here and Google for MP3 download.


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