Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Vocal Thrust: Practice Singing With 80s Star Princess

Princess is a British singer, who in the late 1970s worked with the group Osibisa. Her first solo album Princess (1986) was composed and produced by Stock Aitken Waterman which contained the single, "Say I'm Your Number One". I love this number. It has so much thrust..."Saaaaay I'm Your Number One" and I think, if you work this track you can very much improve your thrust. What I mean by thrust is: that extra push that sustains your vocal to make it sound fuller, with more timber; more va va voom (vroom). Please Google for lyrics and MP3 Download.

SINGING TIPS: Pay attention to the way she uses her voice. You will need to breathe before each note (if you're one of my students you'll know what I'm alluding to here). Check out that descending scale she applies to the word "one". Focus on the accelaration that preceeds some the high notes in this song, and give it all you've got. DON'T shout! It's not about shouting. If you're one of my students you'll know exactly what I mean by this. Any questions? Feel free to holla.


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