Sunday, October 15, 2017

How to Get Skype Voice Lessons Customized to You by JOETT

I am particularly excited about working with pupils abroad using the simplest of tools—Skype. But what’s even more exciting is that somewhere along the line, I have come to refine the service to create a more customized system that works for you as an individual.

Let me show you a couple of examples of how it can work for you too.

Yes, there is a slight delay on Skype—actually, the same applies over a regular phone line, but you’ll only notice the delay when you have to play the piano and have someone the other end of the line doing the scales; OR singing for that matter. But there is a way around that. And here’s how:

First, as my pupil, I'll want to get to know your voice. Which will help me figure out how to customize my vocal training programs to suit you. What I then do is I prerecord the exercises we’re going to do in the session over Skype, and then I mail that over to you in advance.

NEXT: You will play the prerecorded piano scales on a sound system your end, and you'll do the scales while I listen. If there’s anything I want to say to you during your exercises, I will not interrupt you by speaking to you, but instead, I will type a message into the Skype chat window. So it is important you keep an eye on your screen. If something isn’t working, I’ll change the scales. It’s that simple!

South African singer Serati voice training with JOETT

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JOETT — Vocal Coach

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Thursday, October 12, 2017

How to NOT think about the Breathing to make it Work

Breathing to sing may come across as a little complicated at times—especially for the uninitiated. But it really is so simply when you don’t think about. Now, I will say this (and please forgive me if this offends anyone), if you’ve been told by a ‘vocal coach’ or some ‘teacher’ that you have to hold your stomach and such like, THAT is where your problem started. There is no science to breathing. We’d all be dead by now if we had to THINK to breathe. And this is exactly what I told one of my pupils just the other day.  

Now, let me tell you what to do to get it right. The process is pretty simple. You breathe in and immediately come out with the notes. Don’t think. Just do it! Agreed, special exercises will help you ‘manage’ your breath and sound production more efficiently, but that’s all there really is to it. Now, the best place to practice your breathing is to lie on your back in bed and to do some deep diaphragmatic breathing.

So: you open your mouth to fill your stomach with air, and you hiss it all out. Don’t hold back; don’t try to manipulate your exhalation; simply allow it to deflate naturally. The more you do this, the better you become at it… and it should eliminate your breathing problem when you sing.  I hope this quick tip helps you get your breathing in order.

You are the instrument, learn to sing like a pro!

JOETT -- Vocal Coach
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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

How to Overcome Stage Fright in 3 Simple Steps

Whilst chatting with a pupil in my studio the other day, the subject of stage fright came up. Now, this is a common problem with performers--the nerves. And I don’t think there’s getting used to this. But I suppose everyone learns to cope. What we don’t want, however, are your nerves getting in the way of your performance.

Here’s a 3-step plan to beating the onset of stage freight.

You may have heard this one before: try to imagine everyone in front of you as being stark bollock naked. Lol, this one is hilarious. But if you can get in character you may well pull it off. Looking above their faces and not into their eyes has worked for me a million and one times—no, they won’t know you’re not looking at them. It’s that good. My all-time favorite, I suppose, is mentally transporting yourself back to where you do your rehearsals. Chances are that is the place you’re most confident and free of the jittery nerves, as it were. If you can stay in that frame of mind, you’ll be safe.

I hope these 3 simple tips to overcoming stage fright will help steady your nerves. So, as they say in showbusiness, go break a leg!

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