Sunday, April 10, 2016

3 Of the Worst Places to Practice Singing

If you have struggled with practicing your singing, in that you’re not actually getting the desired results but instead, only hurting your voice—well, there is an explanation. This article will aim to point out to you 3 of the worst places to practice your singing. Yes, it’s that simple. When you know where these places are and why they don’t work, you’ll have all the information you need to make the necessary changes to where you practice your singing.


Absolutely don’t go there! Why? Because the wind will carry away your voice and you won’t even hear yourself. Result? You will shout and keep on shouting and you will be achieving nothing but pain in the throat—oh, and you might even lose your voice while you’re at it. You’d be better off inside a room with minimal furniture for better acoustics.


This is just as bad as going to yell your lungs out at the beach, not to mention the possibility of you being bitten by something nasty in the bushes. Please refrain from this practice. Trust me, you will achieve absolutely nothing.


Well, imagine this. Singing inside a padded room like a recording studio—minus the headset, of course—and here’s what happens. Your voice is absorbed into the padding and the end result is you will hardly hear yourself unless you shout, thereby inflicting pain upon the very instrument you so desperately need to sing. Actually, the same applies when you’re cooped up inside a small room practicing your songs with the band playing at full blast. I’ve seen this destroy many fine voices. The human voice cannot compete with the noise of the speakers, so make sure you balance the sound properly so that your voice isn’t taxed and damaged in the process.

In Summary: the beach, open spaces and padded rooms are the worst places to practice your singing. If you want the right balance, sing inside a room with minimal furniture for that desired acoustic effect—you’ll want to hear yourself. Period! And if you’re practicing with a band, make sure the sound is properly balanced. I have stepped into a room where a band was rehearsing and I was shocked at the noise factor. The first thing I advised was that they turned it down.

You are the instrument, learn to sing like a pro!


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