Wednesday, January 13, 2016

The More You Continue to Sing Incorrectly the Harder it Is to Fix

Stevie Wonder went through corrective surgery in the 1960s, after many years of straining his voice. And when he got out of hospital, he hired a vocal coach! So, the more one sings incorrectly, the harder it gets to fix. If you sing in a choir; with a band or as a solo artist and you perform regularly, and if you haven’t as yet had the chance to get proper vocal training, chances are—like most untrained singers—you are experiencing the same challenges. You see, without the training, you’ll likely be singing incorrectly and putting a strain on your voice that, if you don’t put a stop to this practice, when you do decide to do something about it, it will probably be too late. This article will aim to highlight a very common problem in developing Africa, where for the most part, singers get into the music business without the training; and how allowing yourself to continue singing incorrectly makes it all the more difficult to fix a damaged voice.

I’m sure you love singing, and if you’re among any of the above groups, your most treasured possession—your voice—is being subjected to wear and tear from regular use. Now that is the bad news, obviously. Use your voice incorrectly for a long period, to your detriment. But fortunately, the good news is, if you get proper voice training, you’ll not only sing and sound beautiful… and with the freedom most people only dream of, you will acquire the correct vocal posture professionally trained singers have to protect and preserve the voice. Believe it or not, your voice can only get better with age. But to achieve that, you’ll need the training.

What may seem like lifeless, meaningless exercises, the results they produce can be extraordinarily stunning—in any language.  I’ve trained a lot of students over the years. Those that have applied themselves and stuck with the program have gotten outstanding results in all areas of singing, with the agility, range and control that only a trained vocalist can possess. But most importantly, in the case of my pupils, vocal training had eliminated all the pain and strain that had previously caused their voice to jam up and to fatigue quickly and unnecessarily.

If you wish to get with the program to eliminate all of the strain you’re experiencing when you sing, consider taking my 10-hour speech level singing course. It’ll help you develop into a far better singer than you could ever imagine, whilst giving you all the freedom you like to sing with no pain, no strain and no damage to your voice. For more information on how to get started and what to expect from this comprehensive course, click here!

If you want to improve your singing voice, read my Vocal Training Product Review for Home Learning article in which I recommend vocal training programs that cover the entire spectrum in voice training to include: Pitch, Tone, Vocal Agility, Head Voice, High Notes, the Mix, Vibrato and MORE. Click Here!

You are the instrument, learn to sing like a pro!


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