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Google Meet Singing Workshops with JOETT, and it's FREE!

The purpose of this blog post is to invite you to join me on Google Meet for a FREE Q&A style singing workshop where I don't talk you to sleep, instead, I'll listen to you tell me about your specific singing challenges and then I'll try to sort out your problems on the call...or at the very least, point you in the right direction. 

Do you have external speakers?

If I'm going to run you through a vocal exercise on Google Meet video call to help resolve your vocal issues, it is imperative that your device is connected to external speakers. And as a last resort, if you're using a headset, then it's got to be one headset plugged into/or over your ear, and one headset out. In the case of the headset option, in that particular order, it is so you can hear yourself in good balance. 

Speech Level Singing Technique Explained

Now, before we get into the details of my Google Meet sessions, I'd like to share a transcript from Seth Riggs, the inventor of speech level singing technique. This will help you get a better understanding of the principals of this extremely effective voice training technique. 

So let's begin...

When it comes to singing you have to be able to deliver a song in a manner that best suits the mood and style of that song, and the way you feel about that song. Your success or failure in doing this depends a great deal on your vocal technique, the way you use your voice. The better the technique, the greater the command you have over your voice. And the greater the variety of material you can sing.  

No-matter if you sing pop, musical comedy or opera, there is an effective technique that helps you sing more easily and comfortably, many hours at a time, day after day. It’s called speech-level singing technique, or simply, speech level singing. 

Speech level singing means no matter how high or low; or how loudly or softly you sing, you never do anything that prevents you from singing with the same, comfortable easily produced voice when you speak. 

Even though you use a greater pitch and dynamic range when you sing, nothing should feel any different in your mouth or throat. There should be no tension in your tongue, your jaw, soft pallet or your neck. 

If you’ve taken voice lessons before, or have sung in a choir, your voice teacher or choir director has probably instructed you at one time or another to give your tone more support. Sing from your diaphragm. Let your tone resonate. Place your tone forward. Project your voice…and so on. 

However, such instruction can be confusing and even dangerous. I’ve seen it destroy many fine voices. Singing technique associated with this kind of instruction can only cause your voice to jam up, and your body to become stiff and rigid. 

These kind of instructions have a tendency to talk in result. To explain to you what singing should be, rather than how to allow it to happen. With speech-level technique, you need only concern yourself with one thing when you sing: speech. 

Your tone production must remain consistent—or as we say, connected from the bottom of your range—that is your chest voice, all the way into the extended upper range of your head voice. 

AND you must coordinate that connection from a vocal posture that is exactly the same as when you're speaking comfortably… that is, your speech level. 

With speech-level singing your voice is automatically supported, your diaphragm and all your breathing muscles work the way they should to supply your vocal chords with just the right amount of air. 

You don’t need to push, tighten or manipulate anything to have a strong, clear and dynamically flexible voice. With speech-level singing, your voice is automatically balanced with just the right amount of top, middle and bottom harmonic qualities. 

You don’t sound muddy, dark, throaty on low tones; or slatey, pinched or strident on high notes. 

With speech-level singing your voice only gets better as you get older, there won’t be any loss of range, quality or power; BUT to develop speech-level singing technique you need the training. Or if you’re like most singers, retrain your voice, with the help of special exercises. 

JOIN Google Meet Singing Workshops FREE

In my Google Meet singing workshops I invite you to tell me what your vocal challenges are, and I will do my very best to help you resolve your problems on the call. This is a very simple and straightforward community outreach initiative, and what's more, it's FREE!

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Want to Sing Like a Pro?

To join the JOETT Q&A Style Vocals Quick Fix Singing Workshop on Google Meet, once you've been given an appointment, click this link here
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To receive updates on when these workshops run, simply send me a quick message on WhatsApp or via social media. Contact information is on my calling card (see below). 

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I shall look forward to seeing you online soon.

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