Sunday, October 25, 2020

Djooky Music Awards, African Perspective On Uplifting Rising Talent


Djooky Music Awards Global Song Contest (DMAs) is inviting recording artists from across the globe, to take part. If you have recorded a track, you can upload it to and then nominate your song for the Awards. It’s that simple.

When voting begins for the National rounds, you'll then simply promote your nomination to your fan base and supporters, and if you are able to get enough votes, you will get to enter the Continental rounds and thereafter the Global rounds. 

It is ONLY in the Global rounds that the judges will get to exercise their 50% voting power. To find out who is on the judge panel, click here.  

The following video shows you how to register your song on the Djooky website.

DMAs, The African Perspective 

The Djooky Music Awards have signed an exclusive partnership with Nam Radio for Africa. You can read up on this announcement on the Djooky website here.

Now, as the official Djooky partners for Africa, Nam Radio, turbocharged by its artist development platform Talent Showcase Africa, will oversee the DMAs marketing initiatives on the African continent. 

And so we are looking for partners across the continent, and they will include the following list of stakeholders.


We have a full proposal for radio marketing the DMAs, which you’ll find here.

Record Labels

If you have emerging talent on your label, the DMAs would be a good place to bring about the exposure that your artists need to build their brand. In the case of celebrity acts on your roster, please read the following paragraph.

Celebrity Artists and Music Influencers 

We invite top artists/musicians and music influencers with millions of followers to help us uplift emerging talent. One sure way to do this is to follow in the footsteps of Mr Eazie and his Empawa Africa project. Now the beauty of the DMAs is that the infrastructure is already setup, so all a high profile personality will need to do is to plug-in local artists they want to uplift; support and promote (on their social media) during the voting process for the Djooky Awards National, Continental and Global rounds. 

I’m sure you will agree that it is always a positive thing to give back to the community by helping others realize their dreams, and the Djooky platform is the perfect place to do that at no cost to the celebrity/music influencer. Needless to say, it will create a buzz and significant engagement on the celebrity's social media platforms... which willno doubt, contribute to maintaining their relevancy in this COVID-19 era. 

Print & Digital Media 

The Djooky Music Awards has been picked up by Billboard and Music In Africa magazines, and a host of other publications across the globe; there’s more on this on the Djooky news feed here

And so from an African perspective, Nam Radio is looking for the support of media outlets right across the African continent. We have a great partnership going with the DMAs and we'd like to ensure that it benefits emerging talent from across Africa. 

The following is a video message from Brian Malouf, co-founder of the Djooky Music Awards Global Song Contest.


In Conclusion 

With your help, I know we can get an African artist to Los Angeles to record their next song at the iconic Capitol Records Studios in Los Angeles, California, with Michael Jackson's producer Brian Malouf, and his team of producers and engineers. 


JOETT — African Coordinator (DMAs)

WhatsApp +255 787 364 045

Email: talentshowcaseafrica[at]

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