Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Africa Partnership Call to Radio, for the Djooky Music Awards

Djooky Music Awards Global Song Contest

Namibia's Nam Radio, under whose umbrella sits artist development project Talent Showcase Africa, has signed an exclusive deal for Africa with LA-based tech startup Djooky Music Awards (DMAs). 

Music In Africa Magazine article goes into greater detail, so be sure to have a read through (here). 

This story has also been picked up by Billboard Magazine

So, what significance does this have for music talent on the African continent, and why am I writing this letter. Please take a look at some more detailed information and ideas I have put together for you below.

Our prime target is radio across Africa, for disseminating this information to the public, and the way for radio to monetize this event is to tie it all in with selling primetime advertising slots to local corporate sponsors in popular radio programs, in tandem with the DMAs. 

Now, to help you create an even bigger buzz to REALLY spice up things for your station, I can throw in my Vocals Quick Fix Africa—DIGITAL Giveaway Package for RADIO, which comprises my private coaching as a free giveaway to radio audiences across the continent. Once we've selected the best talent from audition tapes submitted to your radio platform, I will coach the winners via Skype. 

And I can recommend that we also partner up with a local record producer to help the talent record their NEXT song for the next Djooky Music Awards.

DMAs will run four times a year. So there's plenty of opportunities to promote, brand and grow this project to its full potential. In due course, we shall work out the finer details with our potential radio partners.

Further info please contact:

Collin Mogagabe, at:
Joett, at:

Download Radio Jingle MP3 

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