Friday, November 9, 2018

New Music Platform to Showcase Emerging African Talent in Multimedia Entertainment Project

{PRESS RELEASE} AFRICA is endowed with natural resources – from its rich, arable land to incredible wildlife, minerals, gas and oil. But also hidden in this enormous tapestry of wealth are its people and their musical talent. And so to bring hope and progress to the musical fraternity, a joint venture partnership between Namibia’s Nam Radio in Southern Africa and celebrated voice coach and author Tony Joett (pronounced Joe-Wet) from Eastern Africa, have created Talent Showcase Africa (TSA), a new pan-African platform that seeks to discover, nurture, develop and launch fresh new talent on the African continent.

Hinged on an auditioning process; a comprehensive voice training program conducted by Joett—whilst also showcasing the exhilarating creative process toward a mainstream record launch—TSA has devised a smart yet simple format in selecting talent for its flagship program which is designed to roll-out country by country, to offer an opportunity of a lifetime to a new generation of African singers. 

To highlight the positive impact this initiative will have on local talent across communities in Africa, Joett, using one of his pupils—an unsigned artiste from Tanzania who goes by the name Japhy Ross and studies voice on Joett’s community outreach pro bono program—has created a compelling Before & After video clip that chronologically catalogs his musical recordings from before the voice lessons; after ten hours of training; and ultimately his outstanding achievement after ten months. 

“When it comes to emerging talent and singing as a whole, aside from the hurdles in relation to funding a career in music, one of the greatest challenges facing African talent today is the lack of professional training facilities, and where it is sparsely available… like in some major cities, you’ll find youngsters from poorer communities unable to afford the fees,” said Joett. “I am truly humbled and deeply grateful that Skope Magazine have wholeheartedly embraced our vision and come on board to help raise awareness across North America and the world, with a view to ultimately creating a fundraising campaign for our cause, hopefully, beginning with the launch of the debut single from Japhy Ross as a workable format to discovering and breaking out new talent in Africa.”

The purpose of Nam Radio is to reduce inequalities for emerging artists within the entertainment industry, and to increase opportunities on mainstream platforms by providing a platform that is less judgmental to make their recognition easy and valuable. Joett on the other hand, who is also an ASCAP singer-songwriter and the author of a new singers’ handbook entitled ‘101 Letters from a Vocal Coach: A Collection of Helpful Tips and Articles for Singers’, brings his professional vocal coaching expertise to TSA to facilitate a training framework for aspiring singers, funneled into a high profile multimedia entertainment and learning  project that will not only see African talent come away with the professional expertise and business acumen for growth and sustainability, it will also provide them with the definitive launch pad to a successful career in music.

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