Saturday, May 5, 2018

Learn to Sing by Example, to Shorten Your Learning Curve

If you are home-learning how to sing, especially, it is important that you pay attention to examples given, be they on tape or written.

I know it can get a little overwhelming at times to have to take on all of this information, but it does help tremendously in the learning process when you know what needs to be done to achieve your goals.

I’ve noticed a tendency to be a little bit overzealous among you—which is fine, but do your best not to ignore instruction. It costs dearly when you do.

And so when you’re listening to instruction tape or reading, try to make sure you understand what’s being said. And if it isn’t registering, take a pause to listen or read again.

In the case of audio tapes and the vocal exercise demonstration, try to match what is being done. Listen to the voice. Try to analyze the voice demonstrating the exercise. That way, you’ll come away with something that’ll take you a step farther to becoming a better singer.

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