Saturday, May 12, 2018

Voice Coach: Been There Done That, Got the T-Shirt Wrote the Book!

Literally, I’ve been there done that, got the t-shirt wrote the book 101 Letters from a Vocal Coach. With a tinge of melancholy, I sense coming full circle in the true sense of the word. On this blog you’ll find tons of information on how to become a better singer, and you’ll also find links to bookstores Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Lulu where you can purchase my new book in paperback.

It has been a truly exciting journey for me thus far, from the moment I began voice coaching it has been an incredible roller-coaster ride that has brought out the beast in me where teaching is concerned; and not to mention the handy tips, information and training to so many people around Africa and even the world.

I ask that you spend a bit of time on here to browse through my articles and to absorb the information contained herein. You'll find that there's something for everyone that wants to learn to sing.

Better yet, my book 101 Letters from a Vocal Coach sums up all of the passion and hard work I put into this... and I did it all for you! So, make darned sure you get your hands on all the handy tips for singers you'll ever want—in paperback!

Purchase a copy of my new book from AmazonBarnes & Noble or Lulu TODAY!

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Wishing you all the success in the world,

JOETT - Vocal Coach & Author:
“101 Letters from a Vocal Coach” 

For those of you based on the African continent, please read 3 Simple Steps to Purchasing Online, the Book "101 Letters from a Vocal Coach" in Paperback from Africa.

To order my book from Tanzania in local currency, the platform to facilitate that is EasyBuyAfrica. You'll find details here.

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