Thursday, November 23, 2017

How to Spot the Fake Free Online Singing Lessons for Beginners

For those of you looking to find free online singing lessons, I want to go over a couple of things to help you find a plan that works. In this short article, I’ll want to help you get smart.

First of all, beware of the word free. There is no such thing as free. Most vocal instructors out there will give you nothing for free. Yes, you might get a couple of free download tapes and videos for free, but those are only teasers to entice you into buying the full product.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not knocking anybody here. I’m only stating the obvious. So forget about the freebies, because they don’t exist.

Now let me show you how to get smart to get what you want.

If you want to find free online singing lessons for beginners, you’ll want to find, at the very list, a vocal coach who isn’t trying to get you to sign up for their email list outright, using the free offer as a carrot to get you to subscribe. They’re trying to sell you something. Period. And I wouldn't hold that against them. They've got to make a living too, right?

The smart thing to do is to find a collection of products that offer something substantial PLUS backend support: like email, WhatsApp, Viber, Mobile visibly on display. This would tell you one thing: that they’re real and accessible.

And this is the reason why I decided to publish a book and to include with it vocal training exercises to help you get started with voice training and also, to motivate you to keep training. It isn’t entirely free. Of course not! But for what you get, it is extremely affordable. And it's a tangible product. One you can touch, feel and open anytime you want.

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