Tuesday, November 7, 2017

101 Letters from a Vocal Coach by JOETT Published on Lulu

If anything, working as a vocal coach over the years has given me a far deeper understanding of the human voice. (Purchase my book on Lulu).

Whenever I’m dealing with voice issues that my students are going through and trying to solve their problems—as everybody is different—I almost always pick up yet another solution to seemingly insurmountable difficulties and challenges singing throws at you.

“101 Letters from a Vocal Coach” is intended to serve as a resource you can return to again and again, should you run into any difficulties with your singing. Contained herein is a fountain of articles and knowledge that you can draw inspiration and guidance from all year round.

From Popular Newspaper Column to Book 

I wanted to write a book because I felt the need to document what was happening in my voice studio on a daily basis. There was a wealth of amazing real-life content emanating from my studio that I was completely certain would be of great help to singers. I figured, if only I got all of these incredible stories to print, they would be of tremendous help to thousands of people.

Obviously, I blogged regularly, but it wasn’t nearly enough to generate content for a book. And so I thought, if ever I were to get this book project off the ground, quintessentially, a newspaper column would compel me to write. The pressure to deliver articles for my weekly column meant keeping up with submission deadlines, and so that alone, I reasoned, would spur me on.

Case Studies: Audio and Video Files 

The purpose of these memoirs, therefore, is to give readers an insider’s view and knowledge-base into the study of voice through the journey of others, with helpful tips and articles for singers being the intrinsic value and thrust of this publication.

And so as it did in the newspaper column, this book offers links to audio and video content documented inside my voice studio. In essence, you get a three dimensional view of the workings of a voice studio; its pupils; and case studies that backup the steps taken to solve issues relating to voice training: steps that also serve as eye-opener for anyone that wants to study voice in a more informal manner, oftentimes on a shoe-string-budget from the comfort of their own home.

Also included with this unique book are your very own vocal exercises audio files for home-learning, aptly entitled Joett Vocal Drills Vol. 1-7. You can now purchase both my eBook and paperback 101 Letters from a Vocal Coach here! (You'll find a link to the eBook bottom right of sales page).

Acoustic EP - Twisted

I needed something relevant to tie-in with the book release, and I felt an acoustic EP would be the perfect fit. Twisted is a cross-genre pop-folk EP with an eclectic mix of my acoustic recordings from 2010 to 2017, details of which you’ll find in my press release ASCAP Songwriter Releases Twisted Acoustic EP on Africori. 

You are the Instrument, Learn to Sing Like a pro!

JOETT — Vocal Coach
Personalized Skype Lessons 

Download/Stream the brand new acoustic pop EP Twisted by JOETT, now available on iTunes, Apple Music, Google Play, Amazon, Akazoo, Spotify. Click here! 

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