Saturday, February 4, 2017

Joett Music Joins Nutritional Supplements Brand GNLD, to Optimize Vocal Health and Vitality for Singers

If you have been wondering how to maintain a healthy voice and weren't making any headway, then you will be pleased to learn that the conundrum is now completely over. 

People have always wanted from me, information on what to do and what to take to preserve the voice, and I’m obliged to share what I use myself to maintain a healthy voice—gladly, but because all of my nutritional products were shipped in from the United States every month directly, it was not always easy to recommend the products that I use because they’re actually not available in the country. And so I tried to switch brands little by little, with a product line that is manufactured in the USA but is available in Tanzania.

So, for a couple of years now, I have slowly replaced my imported products with locally available GNLD and I have to say, I’m totally pleased and satisfied with these products. So much so that I have now signed up with the nutritionals brand as a distributor, and I’m well on my way to recommending these fabulous products to all the singers in Tanzania and across Africa.

The more you value your vocal health, the more you’ll want to preserve your voice. You’re going to be surprised to discover that it takes more than just staying well away from freezing cold drinks; staying away from cigarette smoke and drug abuse; getting lots of much needed rest; and excluding chilies from your diet to maintain a healthy voice. With nutritional supplements from GNLD, you have the most effective vocal health supplements on the planet.

Some high profile music industry professionals say that until you’ve experienced the beauty of optimal vocal health, you’ll have absolutely no idea what your body is missing out on. Like I said earlier, I have used nutritional supplements for overall health and vitality for many many years and personally, I simply couldn’t live without them.

I wonder if you’ve noticed how some celebrities of this world continue to look fresh and beautiful year on year, completely defying the hands of time. Well, I’ll tell you this for nothing, they give their bodies the best cellular nutrition money can buy—with supplementation. That is their secret to longevity, and it can be yours too.

If you’re the kind of person that wants to maintain a healthy voice for years to come; and to look fresh and youthful for as long as you possibly can, then this will be exactly what you’re looking for. I not only endorse the GNLD nutritional products, I highly recommend them!

GNLD Nutritional Products are now available at Joett Voice studio, Oysterbay.

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