Friday, August 5, 2016

How to Get a Vocal Training Program Customized Especially for You

If ever you’ve wondered whether a prerecorded vocal training program can be customized especially for you, let me tell you this… not only is it doable, it works wonders. Hiring the services of a vocal coach long-term will set you back a considerable amount of money; an outright prerecorded one-size-fits-all program, however, may pose a great challenge for some without the supervision of a vocal coach—get it wrong and you practically destroy your voice. This article will aim to show you how you can get a private session with a vocal coach in your own living room, day in day out, with a prerecorded program customized especially for you.

I’ve encountered pupils with all sorts of vocal issues. Everybody is different, and this is why I only teach one pupil at time… which makes my day pretty long and tedious, but there’s certainly no wriggling out of this one. I want my pupils to come away with something and so I will endeavor to put in the time to make that happen. That being said, I like to record short segments of my students in training so that I can give them something to work with at home. Now, because they will have worked with me in session on piano, the tapes that I give them automatically become especially customized to THEM.

In Conclusion: If what you want is a customized vocal training program for yourself, to workout whenever you feel like it in your own time, then make a point to book private vocal training sessions with a vocal coach who will create workout drills customized to you, based on what works best for you AND taking into account your vocal range. To book 3 hours on my Quick Start Vocal Training Program, which includes a free vocal training CD and segments of your training sessions on tape for home learning, please contact me.

You are the instrument, learn to sing like a pro!


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