Saturday, August 6, 2016

Why Corporate Voice Training Gives Executives An Unstoppable Edge

Corporate Voice Training can give you that all important trait in business—an executive voice! With a well balanced tone you will be able to project a more engaging telephone presentation AND be taken seriously in meetings. If you want to be more easily understood and to avoid having people ask you to repeat yourself, voice training will enable you to project the confidence within you to keep your audience engaged when you give presentations in person; online and over the phone, all of which will likely increase the bottom-line for your company and help you get promoted.

The Benefits: when I took up a telemarketing job in the UK, my boss asked me “are you a singer?” And I replied “yes”.  And she said, “That would explain why you have such a beautiful voice. The most successful people in telemarketing are usually trained singers and actors.”

Need I say more? 

When you train your voice—like actors and singers—it puts you ahead of your competition as a lawyer, banker, business executive or telemarketer, because YOUR voice does most of the work for you. It is quite incredible how when you open your mouth to speak could well be your ticket to success or failure. To make a good first impression, for instance, depends on how you speak. You could be dressed in a pair of shorts, t-shirt and sneakers and still be taken dead seriously WHEN your speech is perfect. A good command of the spoken word will override any preexisting flaws you might have.

Training Your Voice using speech level singing technique—although designed primarily to improve your singing—has an upside in training the business executive for articulate speech. From my personal experience with clients, the method I use to train singers is the exact same method that inadvertently trains your voice to deliver an impeccable punch in the boardroom. Isn’t that SO amazing? I’ve worked with lawyers, bankers and business executives and the results are always the same. What you basically do in training is go through vocal exercises to rebalance your voice and to build your range and resonance. Your voice becomes powerful without you having to shout. It’s like developing an underlying current that is strong, powerful and sweeps your audience away against their own free will. Once you’ve built your range, your voice increases its ability to express itself in a much broader dynamic range, thereby giving you the boost in confidence when you speak, for the simple reason that your voice is now able to do a lot more. It is that freedom that cranks up your confidence levels to an all time high, and has you tearing away the boundaries that had previously constricted and inhibited your speech.

Monthly Retainer Fee to corporate clients is based on the number of individuals a firm books in for voice lessons. In consideration of the busy schedules for most corporate executives, I offer the flexibility of working with individuals in my studio for the first 3 lessons as mandatory, with the option to training sessions conducted over the phone; online via SKYPE, WhatsApp and Viber… incorporating audio and video clips I create especially, tailored to individual needs.


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