Sunday, December 20, 2015

Adele Concert Ticket Sales of Up to $9,000 a Seat Sell Out in Minutes

In the United States, tickets for Adele's back-to-back shows next July (2016) went on sale to the public at 10 a.m. Thursday – both online at and in-person at the Xcel Energy Center box office. Not long after, all tickets to both the July 5 and July 6 shows were gone. Mike Nowakowski, a partner with Ticket King, said he's never seen demand quite like this.

"Today has been crazy," he said. "Ticket King has been in the Twin Cities for 25 years and I have never seen a ticket that has been sought after as much as these Adele show tickets." Fans even looked at neighboring concert venues but didn't have much luck there – Chicago's three shows sold out in less than an hour. Better yet, tickets to Adele's 56 date North America tour were all gone in an hour.

Other ticket brokers like StubHub! showed Adele tickets selling for anywhere between $350 to the are-you-kidding-me price of $9,000. Tickets on craigslist and eBay are going for as high as $48,000. He said their previous biggest seller -- the Hannah Montana concert -- "pales in comparison to the demand for Adele." And according to a report on ABC Action News, there is a ticket war that has outraged Adele fans across the country.

I was having an interesting conversation with one of my pupils the other day, and our chat pretty much centered on how times have changed in terms of what music industry pundits THINK is good for the final consumer—the fans—and how they would do all they can to enforce their will and half cookie products upon us (well, it certainly doesn’t work on me!).

Snide remarks from people in the music industry that goes, “who cares if an artist can’t sing, it’s all about the packaging and perception” make my skin crawl. Well, WHY then is Adele everybody’s favorite? Is she ultra slim and parades around in skimpy clothes? Is that it? Is that why they’d pay up to $9,000 a seat to see her in concert? Is it because she lip synchs in concert? Get real! Her voice is her power. And that’s what the people want. They want something that is real and authentic. I’m sorry to burst your bubbles, guys. But let’s call a spade a spade.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for the advancement in technology. It is good for the industry. Hey look, I make music in London and LA without even stepping on a jetliner, that’s thanks to technology. But if you want to be a singer, go out there and BE a singer. Don’t depend on technology to fix it for you. And if you’re dumb enough to think the public don’t care, well, Adele is your wake up call. People do give a damn!

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