Monday, June 29, 2015

Vocal Training Mini-Course: Correcting the Top 5 Singing Mistakes (Part 1)

If you’ve ever desired tips and tricks to correcting common singing mistakes, then this article will show you how to kit your very own diagnostic toolbox. It’s certainly a good thing to get training by a tutor, but having a couple of ideas on how to correct common mistakes that most singers struggle with would be good for you to know.

The most common mistakes with most students, is too much weight in their voice. There’s always a tendency to push or force notes, particularly in the higher ranges. We’re so used to speaking in our chest voice, so singing in our chest voice is also a lot more comfortable. But when you try to sing in the higher registers with your chest voice it becomes weighty, strained, and it really doesn’t work at all. We tend to want to shout our way up, for lack of a better description. SO, when getting into your higher notes with your chest voice isn’t working, what do you do? Try to get into your head voice through your mix.

Take a deep breath and relax. To test your range from chest voice to head voice, try doing a tongue trill (RRR) for example, and race your way up an imaginary straight line from your chest to your head. Keep it light. The trill will allow your larynx muscles to stay relaxed and not to rise as they would normally do when you’re trying to belt out higher notes. If you’ve managed to do this very simple yet very effective test, and if you’ve done it correctly, you’ll realize how easy it is to hit the high notes.

Another way to get into your head voice is by adding a bit of that pharyngeal resonator “NG” through your mix voice. To get some practice, try to attempt hitting higher notes with the vowel “AA” but starting out with a lighter tone to begin with; and then gradually adding a little weight to it towards the top end of your range. You’ll likely sense that your voice sounds deeper and more chest-register, but devoid of the strain and pain that would’ve otherwise come with it. Nothing conditions the voice better than doing special scales exercises, nonetheless, so make sure you download my free Learn to Sing with Joett exercises on mp3 from my HulkShare page here! 

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