Monday, June 29, 2015

How to Brighten Your Tone for a Consistent Acoustical Shape

In this article I want to talk about having a consistent acoustical shape. I’m sure you’re already wondering… “What on earth is that?” Well, this is mostly about how to brighten up a dull sound. A dull and lifeless sounding voice doesn’t have a lot of crispness to it. It is similar to a gargle pretty much, if I had to describe it literally. If when you sing in your lower register (or chest voice), your voice tends to sound dull, muddy and in desperate need of cranking up a little bit so that it becomes brighter and with more resonance coming through, then this is what you’ll need to do.
Try to pay attention to how you’re doing the scales with the vowel and consonant phrase. For example  if you did the Arpeggios scale with BAH you’ll probably notice—if this applies to you—that your vocal is a little muddy on the lower notes, especially. If you want to brighten that up, try adding the NG sound for a few runs to feel the voice resonate crisply, and then go back and apply the same technique on the scale to BAH. Articulating the vowels—which I covered in my last article—also helps to brighten up sound. So without a doubt, opening your mouth is a sure fire way to help brighten up the dull sound.

What you do in the scales you will do when you sing. It tends to follow you everywhere, so the key is to make sure you’re doing your scales correctly. Another sound to watch out for is the squeezed tone. A lot of that sound comes from a raised larynx. It also comes from tension in your neck, throat and jaw. So try to take notice of your sound production, just to make sure that it is neither too dull nor too bright, and then make adjustments accordingly as you’re going through your whole scale; the whole phrase; and the whole song. To help you get started with developing a consistent acoustical shape, you may download my FREE piano Alternative Arpeggios scales MP3 to work with from my HulksShare page here!

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