Monday, April 20, 2015

Mayunga Beats Contestants from 12 African Countries to WIN Airtel Trace Music Star 2015

When I heard the news the night he won this competition, I was THRILLED. I hardly slept at all. I kept going over this in my head, and the more I thought about it, the more I began to reflect upon how this came about in the first place. How I pitched my way into Airtel Trace Music Star was SO déjà-vu. So uncanny. When news of the competition was flying about on TV and radio, I picked up the phone and rang Anethy Muga, the marketing person at Airtel, and I told her quite frankly... "if you want Tanzania to win this competition, you need me. I must come on board. I am your man!" I remember she asked me, "but who are you?" and I replied, "my name is Joett, I'm a vocal coach, and I am the best!"

She took me very seriously, she contacted Trace in South Africa, and then sent off my profile. When TRACE Managing Director East Africa Steve Agutu came to town, we had a meeting and there you have it... I was on board as judge AND vocal coach to the Top 5 Tanzania contestants! And what's even MORE unbelievable is when I was training Mayunga for the Kenya Grande Finale, I told him on numreous occasions, that he was going to win this competition... and he did!

I really want to thank Steve Agutu, AND Anethy Muga for believing in me enough to entrust me with the job. What a happy ending. We certainly should do this again next year.


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