Thursday, December 25, 2014

Speech Level Singing Technique - Download Free Piano Scales

Speech-level singing is a way of using your voice that allows you to sing freely and clearly anywhere in your range, with all your words clearly understood. Since you are not learning what to sing but rather how to sing, you can apply this technique to any type of music. Although you can study either with or without a teacher, you'll probably progress more easily and faster if you can find a teacher familiar with this method of teaching to guide you. Otherwise, you should be able to study successfully on your own. I assure you, providing you put in some work and stick with the program, you WILL get results by following my instructions here.

Please note, any exercise can be overworked or misused to where it will do you more harm than good. You don't develop your voice by pushing it to its limit. You develop it by gradually conditioning it to work efficiently with a balanced coordination.

I've uploaded a breathing exercise and piano scales to vocal exercises on Hulkshare. Please download for FREE and follow the Alternative Vocal Workout plan published on this blog. I would like as many people to take advantage of this quick training module, so please do feel free to share this blog post!

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Have fun, and catch up with you later!

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