Friday, May 23, 2014

Joett Voice Lessons EXCLUSIVE Audio Files Part 1

This is something else that I've wanted to do for a upload vocal training session audio recordings to my blog, just to show you how I work and what a dedicated and talented singer stands to gain when they take voice lessons.

In this recording, I'm in a session with Sonia, an 11 year-old Tanzanian girl with exceptional talent. We'd done a one hour session of practice with the scales, and this was the culmination of the session where I gave her the Dionne Warwick classic That's What Friends Are For to sing to a piano backing track.

I cannot emphasize this enough, if you do the scales CORRECTLY it gets a lot easier to apply technique to songs. Why? Because the voice will have been there in the scales IF you did them correctly. And one more thing: you need to throw away your inhibitions and ALLOW the voice to do the job. Sonia pays a lot of attention during training; is very focused; and follows my advice and instructions to the letter. And she has no inhibitions when singing. Whatsoever. Which brings out her unique personality and emotion in her vocal. The result of which is what you'll hear in this recording. Enjoy!

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