Friday, May 23, 2014

Joett Gives FREE Trial Voice Lessons Via SKYPE

I’ve always wanted to give voice lessons via SKYPE. Now that I have a really fast wireless connection with Tanzania’s fastest – Smile, I am well positioned to teach voice over the internet.


I’m going to keep it really simple. Call me to make an appointment. Once that is set, I will hook-up with you online, send you a recorded piano track of the scales we’ll be working on for you to play your end and sing over your SKYPE connection. I will listen and correct you as we go along. And when the time comes to practice with a song, I will ask you to rehearse your end before you come online (to save time), and then I will send you the backing track MP3 for you to sing to. Easy! 

Contact me today to make an appointment for FREE Trial Voice Lessons Via SKYPE. It isn't going to be free forever, so HURRY!

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