Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Learn to Sing with Joett Vocal Training CD and Book PREVIEW

My comeback single I Could Never Live (Without Your Love) began life as a training program I gave my students back in 2010. One of my students said to me “this is such a beautiful song, why don’t you finish it off and record it?” Well, I took their advice and the next thing you know I was not only recording the single, I was also recording an entire training program around the song, the result of which is my Learn to Sing with Joett vocal training program on CD. What makes this program particularly unique AND useful, is that, unlike many vocal training programs on the market today, it is based on a song and requires you to do the scales within both a vowels and lyrical setting. One of the greatest challenges with teaching voice is that, the exercises prepare the voice, but when it comes to applying your newly acquired skills to singing a song, I find, students have difficulty in making that transition. This program is designed to bridge that gap. It kills two birds with one stone.

If anything, working as a vocal coach over the years has helped me understand the human voice better. Whenever I’m dealing with voice issues that my students are going through and trying to solve their problems—as everybody is different—I almost always pick up yet another solution to seemingly insurmountable difficulties and challenges singing throws at you. Letters from a Vocal Coach is intended to serve as a reference point you can return to again and again should you run into any difficulties with your singing. Contained herein is a fountain of articles and knowledge that you can draw inspiration and guidance from. It’s very easy to regress in this business, you’ll be amazed. In an easy-to-understand fashion, I have compiled a collection of some of my best articles on singing. I’d like you to refer to these every now and again to help you along with your quest to becoming a better singer. Voice training alone doesn’t quite cut it. I’m almost certain you will fall back to your old ways at some point—at times, it happens to the best of us—so let these articles serve as a constant reminder. Call it your singers tip sheet if you like, but use these articles to keep you on the straight and narrow. You’ll be glad you did. Look out for release date of this voice training package, which will also include my CD single I Could Never Live (Without Your Love)... complete with lyrics and backing tracks to sing to. 


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