Thursday, March 28, 2013

Tanzanian Boy Band 3G, and Joett's Vocal Training CD Coming Soon

This is me pictured with G Fullah, who is signed to my record label and is part of my new boy band 3G. It has been one of my busiest work stretches of late. I'd flown in my record producer Ken Kanyeria from Nairobi last Wednesday (he flew back yesterday), and worked pretty much flat out to complete the acoustic and voice recordings for the debut 3G single "Mrembo wa Kiafrika"...which I've now sent off to London where my UK producer Patrick Jonsson takes over. He will be mixing and mastering the acoustic track, and then he will remix the vocal tracks to a nu disco beat. I can't wait! Patrick is AMAZING.

And what's more, Ken, who'd worked with me on the vocal and acoustic guitar recordings to my comeback single I Could Never Live (Without Your Love) in 2010 and the Boogie remix in 2011, had been busy re-editing my soon-to-be-released-on-CD vocal training program Learn to Sing with Joett, with which I'm also releasing a singers handbook Letters from a Vocal Coach.

My comeback single I Could Never Live (Without Your Love) began life as a training program I gave my students back in 2010. One of my students said to me “this is such a beautiful song, why don’t you finish it off and record it?” Well, I took their advice and the next thing you know I was not only recording the single, I was also recording an entire training program around the song, the result of which is my Learn to Sing with Joett vocal training program on CD. Watch out for release date COMING SOON.

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