Sunday, February 26, 2012

Nu Disco Debuts On Boogie Radio Show

Nu-disco is a 21st century dance music genre associated with the renewed interest in 1970s and early 1980s disco, mid-1980s Italo disco, and the synthesizer-heavy Eurodisco aesthetics. The moniker appeared in print as early as 2002, and by mid-2008 was used by record shops such as the online retailers Juno and Beatport. These vendors often associate it with re-edits of original-era disco music, as well as with music from European producers who make dance music inspired by original-era American disco, electro and other genres popular in the late 1970s and early 1980s. It is also used to describe the music on several American labels that were previously associated with the genres electroclash and deep house.

On today's show: We bring you the latest edition of Boogie's evolution…a future fabulous theme segment Nu Disco. This is Boogie's perspective on the natural evolution of our beloved disco sound as it transforms into the revolutionary disco sounds of the 21st century. Expect synthesizer-heavy chords, vocoders, the beloved sound of talkboxes and a combination of everything that springs from the late 1970s and early 1980s electronic sound.

Disco, Boogie, Balearic sounds and Italo disco come together to take you on a musical journey of retro-futurism! With this, we celebrate the fabulous fusion of classic and modern. Ladies and gentlemen, a warm welcome to a brand new segment we call A Taste Of [yes, just those 3 words] and today, we give you A Taste Of Nu Disco on Boogie with me—JOETT and with DJ Kobo sitting in for DJ Cue spinning the decks, right here on Times 100.5 FM…where we have the bottle to say DISCO NEVER DIED!

And after the Nu Disco segment we go back to the original 70s 80s disco classics re-mastered. Tune in to BOOGIE on Times 100.5 FM or listen live on stream at from 6pm EVERY Sunday EVERY week for MORE action—I GUARANTEE it! And if you want to come on the show to talk about YOUR growing up in the 80s and 70s—karibuni sana! On BOOGIE, everybody is welcome!

Catch you later!


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