Sunday, February 5, 2012

Boogie: 80s Dancefloor Fillers of the DECADE

It's BOOGIE time--again! In last week’s show we banged out 28 disco tunes fast and furious—evidently my FASTEST Boogie show ever! On today’s show: We bring you 80s Dancefloor fillers of the DECADE! I’ve lined up SMASH HITS from Wham, Kylie Minogue, Luther Vandross, Bomb The Bass, Milli Vanilli, Billy Ocean, Five Star, The Jacksons, Joyce Sims, Princess [remember her?] and much much more. I think the highlight for me today is that AMAZING smash hit Say I'm Your No. 1 by Princess from 1985. It was one of my top favorites that decade. Tune in to Times 100.5 FM at 6pm today. You'd better watch out for this remastered number coming up on the show at the top of the hour, it sounds SO AMAZING it'll blow you away.

Tune in to BOOGIE on Times 100.5 FM from 6pm EVERY Sunday EVERY week for MORE action—I GUARANTEE it! And if you want to come on the show to talk about YOUR growing up in the 80s and 70s—karibuni sana! On BOOGIE, everybody is welcome!

Catch you later!


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