Sunday, June 5, 2011

Amazing Grace Singer from Zimbabwe Confined to a Wheelchair

Finally, after five months of surgery and rehabilitation in Denver, Prudence Mabhena can sit up straight in her wheelchair. And that's enough for the singer to belt out an amazing "Amazing Grace."
Walter Isenberg, president and chief executive of Sage Hospitality in Denver, donated the suite in his hotel to Prudence because, among other things, he feels passionate about helping African kids in need.

"It's amazing that someone with her physical challenges would be so positive about life," he said. "And it's a lesson for all of us. We take all sorts of things for granted. We are spoiled."

This is such an amazing story, it'll make you cry. Prudence Mabhena, a singer from Zimbabwe, who has endured the impossible and who now writes her own music and spends time in recording studios and on stages, the question is: How much more can she thrive?

Despite all she has endured, Mabhena worries that life might become too easy. She struggles to remain humble.

"So many times when I went through pain, I thought it was God's way to tell me not to complain," she said. "I would meet people with more problems than me, and still I could complain and complain and complain."

Read the full story Prudence Mabhena's amazing journey touches Denverites' hearts

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