Sunday, May 23, 2010

Rozalla Miller: Brand New Version

I met Rozalla Miller at a popular nightclub at the Holiday Inn Hotel in Harare, Zimbabwe in the early 80s, where she had a regular gig at the time (and where I'd gone to audition for a slot at the same club), before she hit the big time in the UK with the club anthem Everybody's Free (To Feel Good) that debuted at number 6 on Top Of the Pops in 1991, and number 1 in the US dance charts ... and then she went on to tour with Michael Jackson. I've followed her career with interest (from the young talented girl in Zimbabwe to being crowned Queen Of Rave on the international arena); I met her again at a club in London just after she'd come off the stage. I've bought every album she's put back to the 90s. So when I found out she'd recently released a new album, I had to get it! 

Despite being best known for her 1991 hit 'Everybody's Free (To Feel Good)', Rozalla Miller's new album, Brand New Version, is much mellower than the dance-production she favored in the 90s. This album is a jazz/soul feel, and the song choices represent a departure from her previous work, with Brand New Version including covers of Paul Weller's 'Broken Stones' and Wolfman & Pete Doherty's 'For Lovers'. I do love the album, I've been playing it on repeat quite a lot in recent days. She's got a good, strong vocal. I'd advise you to grab a copy of her new album from HMV music store and have a listen.

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