Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Mica Paris Born Again

When I first met my record producer Tambi Fernando at his studio in London, he played me a couple of new tracks he'd been recording with Mica Paris. I was thrilled. Mica Paris is my idol, and here I was about to start working with someone who's produced for Mica Paris? You can imagine how I felt. Having debuted with the hit single My One Temptation back in 1988, Mica has now been in the entertainment business for over twenty years. I've bought every album she's ever put out -- that's how big a fan I am -- and now she's got a new album released 22nd March 2010 -- a repackaged Bonus Edition to her 2009 critically acclaimed album Born Again...and you guessed it, I bought the album! It is totally awesome. The album's title track and forthcoming single 'Born Again' is an epic ballad with sweeping strings and cut glass arrangement with a vocal that leaves you tingling. It is no wonder that Whitney Houston wanted this track for her come back. Producer Brian Rawling insisted that the song was "made for Mica" and Whitney was refused. And featured on the same album, a track entitled 'Breathless' was given to Mica personally by Rihanna.

My One Temptation, her chart-topping track from 1988, is also included in this album but in acoustic splendor. You've got to at least listen to the original version on this YouTube video here. Today, I downloaded the lyrics and used that to train one of my students...after we'd finished with the vocal exercises, of course. It is a great track to work with, under my guidance, if you want to learn how to sing like a diva.

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