Sunday, May 4, 2014

Voice Lessons: Understanding WHY We Do These Lifeless Exercises

Get this, as you do your scales, absorb what you’re doing in greater depth in order to TRULY understand WHY you’re doing this. And the message is in the scales. How does it feel to you when you’re practicing? How do YOU think this would apply to singing a song? If you begin to go deeper down the TRYING TO UNDERSTAND side of things, you will begin to understand how all of this applies to your singing performance WHEN you’re singing a song.

I thought I should post this pointer on my blog today because, it happens all the time in my voice studio, when students don’t quite ‘get it’. They’ll get it right in the scales, and then get stuck in a song. IF you understand yourself and what you’re doing in training and why, it shouldn’t be so difficult. So the next time you’re having trouble applying your training to singing a song, try to understand why we do these lifeless exercises. Literally. Analyze everything that you do in training in greater depth. It helps.

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