Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Joett Dance Studio Moves to Colosseum Gym

Hi everyone -- and a Happy New Year! What a way to start the new year...with a bang! I've moved my dance-for-exercise program to the Colosseum Gym in Oysterbay, starting this Thursday January 6th and Saturday January 8th, it all happens in their massive aerobics room upstairs. More space, more fun. To begin with, we're running twice a week (Thursdays 9am and Saturdays 9am); and hopefully add more slots over time.

It has been a hectic couple of weeks; I gave a jazz concert for a private 60th birthday party at a boutique hotel in Masaki December 28th; and there's a substantial amount of work I put in with the promo of my new single I Could Never Live (Without Your Love). I have been pretty busy. I signed a PR deal with a firm in the US the other day...and the song goes on. Enough about me. Hope to catch up with you guys (dancers) at the Colosseum Thursday and Saturday.

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