Saturday, May 4, 2019

Namibia’s Nam Radio Ignitions Voice Coaching Initiative for Africa

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PRESS RELEASE May 04, 2019 -- Nam Radio, an all African music channel that gives power to the upcoming African artist by creating a platform for those typically lacking media access, proudly present Vocals Quick Fix Africa Project to provide essential training that will equip artists with skills and knowledge to attract their recognition by mainstream platforms.

In collaboration with their in-house artist development brand Talent Showcase Africa (TSA), Nam Radio is launching the first ever radio jingle and social media campaign in Africa that offers a very unique opportunity for listeners across Africa and the Diaspora to connect with a celebrated voice coach for the purpose of getting professional training to help them become better singers.

Joett, voice coach to afro pop superstar Vanessa Mdee and the author of new singers’ handbook 101 Letters from a Vocal Coach, is creator of the 'Complete Vocals Overhaul' concept in association with Nam Radio and heads up its pan-African training division.

“When it comes to singing, you are the instrument!” said Joett. “With proper training, almost anyone can learn to sing like a pro—with no pain and no strain.”

Referring to their flagship voice training program, Joett explains: “we have created something that is tailored to the mindset of African singers; a program that doesn’t involve a lot of time and requires absolutely no long-term commitment from the artist whatsoever. It is what it is. A ‘Vocals Quick Fix’ for pre-studio recording sessions and live gigs. Plain and simple! This, I feel, should work well for Africa.”

Citing shouting and putting weight on the throat as being one of the most endemic problems afflicting African singers, Joett advocates vocal rebalancing using specific tailor-made vocal exercises, as the key solution to freeing the singer from all the pain and strain associated with the untrained voice.

With private voice lessons conducted by Joett via Skype, Nam Radio brings convenient, affordable, professional help to both upcoming and established artists across the African continent, and the Diaspora.

To book your place visit their website today, at:

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