Saturday, March 2, 2019

Q&A Vocals Quick Fix: “How Can I Improve My Voice In A Week?”

If you have been wondering how best to improve your voice in a week, then this article, in tandem with my earlier Vocals Quick Fix post, will look at some very simple yet extremely effective ways to improve your singing voice in just a few hours.

Which means you can nail this in a week with just an-hour-a-day of vocal exercises.

For the purpose of this challenge, let’s say you begin your training schedule on Monday and you want to be done by Saturday.

First, decide what time of day suits you best to allot just an hour for voice training. Make sure that in that time slot you’ve had adequate rest and that you are able to focus on your training. You don’t want to be tired and sluggish. On the contrary, you need to be alert and upbeat. If you’ve come from work in the evening, for example, make sure you’ve had at least forty minutes rest before you begin your vocal exercises.

I always tell my pupils that when the body is tired, and so is the voice.

If you’re going to use vocal exercises from Joett Vocal Drills Vol. 1-4 (which come with my book), make sure you begin your training with a deep diaphragmatic breathing exercise included in my training module.

What these vocal exercises aim to achieve is the total re-balancing of your voice... so singing is easy, and providing you stay consistent with the training your overall progress will be incremental on a daily basis and you'll notice a tremendous improvement in your singing voice very quickly.

If you haven't read my earlier Vocals Quick Fix article, you'll find it here.

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