Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Enjoy the incredible benefit of vocal rest after a bout with the flu

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I received a message from one of my online pupils the other day, and the complaint was that their voice wasn’t exactly up to scratch 'in training' after a bout with the flu.

He said that his voice wasn’t as connected as before. And so I quickly recommended that he took some more rest!

Speaking of the flu: I’d had a bit of an episode myself that very same week and although I’d managed to cull it with my ginger and honey concoction in no time at all, I still felt that my voice needed more rest, still. And so I gave myself a week off the scales.

It made a world of difference. When I got back in training yesterday, it was smooth sailing from start to finish—all invigorated and resonating.

So, if you’ve had an episode with the flu, cancel that recording session if you had one; and cancel the vocal exercises. Get some rest. You’ll be glad you did.

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