Friday, January 5, 2018

Diary of a Vocal Coach: A Quick Reflection on the Essence of Teaching

unsplash-logoTra Nguyen
I’m sure you will have noticed that around the world, the most underpaid and quickly forgotten professionals are teachers.

Gosh, I don’t know how that just came out like that. Just speaking my thoughts, I suppose. But in all honesty, it is the truth.

And so, you don’t become a teacher to get rich. You do it because you want to help other people achieve their dreams. You forget about your own dreams and focus more on 'giving' and empowering others. Writing a book as I did, and recording audio training modules is all part of a tutor's quest to help more and more people--even those you never get to meet personally, get ahead. So really, teaching is about giving and not expecting anything in return. We don’t do this for personal gain. There is nothing to gain but good karma. That is my opinion anyway.

My dad was a teacher in the early years, and so was my aunt. My uncle has been a university professor all his life. My sister did teach for a number of years. And so I come from a family of teachers and I love what I do. For me, it's so natural. I don't have to even try. It’s gotta be in the genes.

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