Friday, December 1, 2017

3 Simple Ways to Extend the Life and Wellbeing of Your Voice

Look, when it comes to your voice, you can’t always be feeling great. There are times when you’re going to feel a little delicate around the throat and perhaps, not even wanting to talk much—just to preserve the voice. Everyone goes through this. What brings this condition on is a matter of concern, however, because if it isn’t the common flu wreaking havoc on your vocal cords, then you’ll want to know what else is possibly causing your discomfort.

I’ll cut to the chase. There are the usual suspects: overuse of your voice for whatever reason; slipping up when you sing and using your throat instead of your speech-level posture—slip up a couple of times and you are done for—that’s how rapid it is.

Solution: take a break! Get some rest. Take 1000 mg of vitamin C per day. Maybe, even toss some ground ginger and honey into your cup of tea. But most importantly, do get some vocal rest. Once you know what to do when the going gets tough around the throat, you will quite easily extend the life and health of your voice with a bit of vocal rest as and when required. Don’t even do the scales when you’re resting! Give yourself time to heal.

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