Saturday, September 16, 2017

Standby for Book Launch – 101 Letters from a Vocal Coach

When I asked the General Manager of Business Times Newspaper, Aga Mbuguni, to give me a column in his newspaper, it was the beginning of an exhilarating journey into the life of a vocal coach, in that not only was I inspired to write, I was motivated.

I wanted to bring what was happening in my classroom, or shall we say—studio, to readers all across Tanzania in written content and with links to supporting audio and video illustration.

What you’re now about to enjoy is a book filled with a collection of my very best articles, containing an array of scintillating tips for singers.

And so—finally, here's a warm welcome to the highly anticipated must-have book for singers all around the world, 101 Letters from a Vocal Coach!

Walking you through almost every conceivable vocal problem imaginable, and zeroing in on solutions as they unfold in my voice studio, is probably the most essential fabric of this book, because in the pages of this extraordinary memoir lie the answers to seemingly insurmountable problems concerning the voice, and most importantly, singing.

101 Letters from a Vocal Coach is stacked with riveting case studies and is written in a style that is not only informal, it is an easy read. And that is the beauty of it... as the last thing you want is a publication that looks more like an ostensibly boring text book.

The book, whose release date is yet to be announced, will be rolled out in two phases: the first being a digital release via Canadian bookstore platform Lulu; followed by a paperback release on the same platform several months later.

Included with the eBook is a collection of audio vocal training exercises, namely, the English version of Joett Vocal Drills Vol. 1-7 in MP3 format; Whilst, the publication in paperback is to include the exact same audio files on CD.

I have thoroughly enjoyed working on this book project over the past couple of years, and I’m certainly hoping you will enjoy reading my memoirs. I guarantee that you will come away with loads of helpful information to help you become a better singer.

You Are the Instrument, Learn to Sing Like a Pro!

101 Letters from a Vocal Coach
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