Thursday, September 17, 2015

Discover the Amazing Benefits of Vocal Agility Exercises with the "Wee Yoops"

In my previous article I talked about Vocal Agility as the Key to Singing Complex Melodies and Sounding like a Pro. In this article I want to talk more about a vocal agility exercise using the “Wee Yoops”. If you want to be able to have your voice bounce around a little, AND to begin to develop the trills at the same time, there is a simple way to work the muscles that’ll help you get from note to note with greater ease and agility. And what’s more, this exercise will also work your mouth and cheeks, whilst allowing your tongue to rest flat in your mouth.  In case you hadn’t noticed, when your tongue gets in the way of your singing it can really mess things up. So you’ll want to learn to keep it down in your mouth while doing your vocal exercises, and that will automatically follow you in the songs you sing—so that you only use your tongue when needs be. So let’s take a closer look at this very special exercise.

Do the “Wee Yoop” on the scales. This particular exercise is fast and compels you to stay focused and agile. Your lips and cheeks will also get a good workout with this one, and furthermore—and to a great extent—this exercise will also help you with articulating your vowels with the lips because performing the “Wee Yoop” will require that you shape your lips in a certain way. Hitting the head voice at the higher end of the scale, also, becomes a lot sharper and more focused. What makes doing the “Wee Yoop” exercise so tremendously beneficial is that it helps to keep your larynx muscles down, in that they do not rise to strain your voice the higher you go. So it’s a rather easy-to-perform exercise MOST people will be able to do. Using my Learn to Sing with Joett Vocal Training CD Booster Program, I would highly recommend that you do the Alternative Descending Scales with the “Wee Yoop”. I do hope that these handy tips have given you additional training to add to your daily vocal training routine. Feel free to download descending scales to work with here!

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