Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Developing Your Head Voice - "Building Powerful High Notes"

If you’ve only experienced defeat and resignation with the weak high notes, then you’re certainly not alone. So don’t fret. It may take time to achieve, but it certainly isn’t impossible. Ideally, to get this right, you’ll want to find your head voice and slide downward through your pharyngeal resonator and into your chest voice. In this article I’m going to explain how you can quickly do this anyplace you like, to train your voice anytime you want.  So let’s take a closer look at some quick and easy ways to building powerful high notes.

When training the voice, I particularly find working with the “I” vowel to be a really effective way to focus the voice deep into your head voice without losing power. I would often ask students that attend private lessons in my studio, to do one of my warm-up exercises combining the consonant “N” with the vowel “I” to project a “NI NI” sound up the scale. Another way, obviously, is to simply do the scales with just the “I” vowel. But it is crucial that you feel the sensation in front of your face. Like singing in the mask, as it is often referred. Another pretty simple strategy is to hit your intended high note with an “I” vowel, and then to hold that note very briefly and quickly slide downward into your chest voice through your mix voice, with what sounds like an “IYA”, while ensuring the vowel “A” hits your lower register.

Powerful high notes can be developed over time. The more you do the exercises, the stronger and more powerful your entire range becomes. And so I would strongly advise that you persevere and never lose sight of your goals. I’ve seen a lot of people throw in the towel first hurdle, and yet they would continue working hard to achieve their dreams as singers WITHOUT the training. And hence it becomes a series of struggles, and total dependency on recording studios to define your sound with the aid of excessive and oftentimes annoying auto tuning. As an artist, take pride in being able to stand alone and gain the respect that you deserve for being the true master of your craft. I do hope that these handy tips have given you additional training to add to your daily vocal training routine. Feel free to download vocal training exercises here.

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