Friday, March 6, 2015

How to Develop the Art of Training the Voice and Allowing it to Happen

PUBLISHED IN BUSINESS TIMES MARCH 6th 2015 == If you’ve ever had trouble allowing your voice to deliver the notes to a song the way you want them, then chances are you’re holding back. If you’ve done the training, all you need to do is to allow it to happen. This may sound like a farfetched pie in the sky storyline, but let me assure you that it is very true and real. This article will offer tips on how to make the transition from training the voice on the scales, to delivering tight and powerful vocals when you sing ANY song. It’s a journey of discovery you’ll likely enjoy if you stay alert and tuned in to your inner voice. So let’s begin.

First things first, do the scales to train the voice. They may seem like some lifeless exercises to you, but they do what they’re meant to do. They fix your voice. However, here’s the secret to getting quick results with your training. Agreed, the ability to learn varies from person to person, but if you try to focus on HOW you feel when you train… by listening to your own voice and by being aware of how it feels as you do the exercises, will help you DISCOVER your voice very quickly. With every exercise, you’ll begin to understand better how your voice works. Speech level singing, in particular, would have you sense areas of your vocal range you never knew existed. But only if you listen, feel and use all of your senses to experience the sensation of connecting your chest voice to your head voice. Now let’s take a closer look at HOW to allow things to happen.

The best way to learn to sing is to do the vocal exercises (the scales) and to make sure that you’re doing them correctly. You see, you’re training both your ear and your voice here, so make sure you’re listening very intently so that you sing in key. There is a tendency—with many, to want to get over and done with the scales as quickly as possible so they could just sing a song. Let me give you a piece of advice. Never do this in a hurry! Focus on training your voice first before you even attempt to sing the songs you SO want to sing. You will be amazed how after focusing more on the exercises, when you’re finally good and ready, how much easier it becomes to sing your favorite songs… as if by magic! I implore you to be patient and to take your training very seriously. That’s if you really want to discover, nurture and develop a great singing voice.

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