Saturday, February 1, 2014

White House Will Respond to Petition to Deport Justin Bieber

Americans really want that guy out of their country. The deportation of one person in particular (yes, Justin Bieber) is of utmost interest to the American public, and now the White House is going to weigh in.

A petition to revoke the green card and deport the Canadian singer has well surpassed the 100,000-signature threshold, meaning the White House is obligated to respond. And it will "relatively soon," White House spokesman Jay Carney said Friday.

Sure, many of the petitions on the White House's website relate to grander causes, such as mandatory labeling of genetically modified foods, or imposing personal sanctions on the president of Ukraine. But that Bieber petition is currently the most popular. Sadly for Beliebers, a petition to "Consider to not Deport Justin Bieber" has a measly 2,285 signatures.

While an Internet search for "Obama" and "deportation" ends up in Bieber-heavy results, it is worth nothing this administration's record on deporting people who are not Justin Bieber: a record number of people were removed from the country last year, and very soon a total of 2 million undocumented immigrants will have been deported while President Obama has been in the White House.

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