Saturday, August 4, 2012

Vocal Coach Visits Epic Bongo Star Search

I paid a visit to the Bongo Star Search auditions at Coco Beach three days in a row (Aug 1,2,3). Yes, I had to partially close down my studio to do this. Phew, there were throngs of people. Quite unbelievable. I had a couple of tasks I wanted to carry out. One was to help out some of my students, one of whom--Salma Mahin--who on seeing me said "I was praying for a miracle and here you are, you're an angel". How sweet of her. She was losing her voice due to a persistent flu, and she hadn't eaten all day. I said "no way!" and sent my PA back to my residence (I live in the area, fortunately) to fetch a 1000mg vitamin C dose to help stabilize her; and a protein shake so she got some nourishment FAST! It all worked out in the end. She was shortlisted in the first round on Wednesday and selected to join BSS 2012 in the second round on Friday. Well done, Salma! Guys, you'd better watch out for this girl. She's a true diva. A very gifted girl and a joy to work with.

My other agenda was to dish out advice to contestants; to support my other students in the competition and to take some good footage of the event on video. Watch out for Joett Mobbed At Bongo Star Search going up on YouTube soon, where I literally got mobbed for autographed copies of my CD single "I Could Never Live (Without Your Love)". Quite a spectacle I tell ya. Coming up soon. Watch this space! :-)

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