Sunday, May 6, 2012

Michael Jackson Off The Wall Album Joins Boogie You Select Alternative Playlist!

On today’s show: from the 70s we’ve got Rare Pleasure, Boney M, Rose Royce and then straight on to Nu Disco…and then I hand over the playlist to you—the listener—with Boogie You Select. That’s when you get to request the songs you want me to play. And this is how it works. I’ve brought a bunch of disco compilation albums to the studio—with over 200 disco tracks to choose from. A listener last week actually RANG me to ask me to play Off The Wall by Michael Jackson. Today, not only do I have the track for you in the studio—I have the entire Off The Wall album from 1979. And I’m going to go a step farther—I will play you previously unreleased tracks from the new re-released and repackaged Special Edition BAD album, plus an interview with Michael Jackson’s producer Quincy Jones on the show today. So if you want to make a special request from the BAD album from 1987, you are very welcome to do so. SMS your request to 0175 364 045. Refer to last week's alternative playlist for MORE tracks to choose from. Whew! Today is going to be hectic. I can feel it!

Michael Jackson Of The Wall album (1979)
Produced by Quincy Jones and Co-Produced by Michael Jackson               
1. Don't Stop Till You Get Enough               
2. Rock With You               
3. Workin' Day And Night               
4. Get On The Floor               
5. Off The Wall               
6. Girlfriend               
7. She's Out Of My Life               
8. I Can't Help It               
9. It's The Falling In Love               
10. Burn This Disco Out               
Michael Jackson BAD album (1987)               
1. Bad               
2. The Way You make me Feel               
3. Speed Demon               
4. Liberian Girl               
5. Just Good Friends               
6. Another Part Of me               
7. Man In The Mirror               
8. I Just Can't Stop Loving You               
9. Dirty Diana               
10. Smooth Criminal               
11. Leave Me Alone               
12. Streetwalker               
13. Too Mi Amor Eres Tu (I Just Cant Stop Loving You) -- Spanish Version               
14. Fly Away

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