Thursday, March 29, 2012

What to Expect from a Vocal Coach

The first thing I'd want to establish is what your vocal difficulties are and what needs fixing. After running you through a thirty-minute assessment I am able to determine where you're at as a singer and whether or not you do have potential. Most of my clients do not intend to become professional singers, they only want to know how to sing properly; or for those in the corporate world how to speak well to command attention and respect in the boardroom. That said, whatever your desires and dreams, a vocal coach like myself can help you find your true voice.

Just to give you an idea. I run five different vocal training programs: Beginners 1, Beginners 2, Intermediate, Advanced and Pro. With each program I put students through sixty-minute vocal exercises to help improve range, pitch accuracy, flexibility, and voice quality through proper breathing and voice projection techniques. After five sessions I start to include what I call jam sessions… that’s where we get to work with cover songs (or songs my students have written) in order to apply what they’ve learned to song. This element of the training is a lot of fun… because my students get to sing some GREAT songs and to understand better the technical details of singing and songwriting! Each program is ten hours (spread over ten lessons). So now you know what to expect from a vocal coach.

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