Saturday, January 21, 2012

Joett T-Shirts As Seen On TV Coming Soon

My t-shirts AND bandanas, as sported by myself on the ITV television show TIKISA, finally, are due to hit the stores soon. I've had a lot of requests for this, it's about time I gave my fans what they want. I'm also signing two guys -- Ashraf and Dickson (pictured) -- to model my t-shirts and bandanas AND to appear in my forthcoming music videos.

On the music front, I'm currently remastering and releasing my back catalog this month and into March 2012. First out will be "Heaven Said", a track I recorded in London in 1995 but was never officially released. Although I'm told it did air on local radio a while back. This, however, is the official 80s Groove track going under the new Boogie brand in synch with my radio show. I'm also re-releasing my smash hit single "Afro Lover" from 1996. This track is sung in Kiswahili and it's all dance, techno, house music with 6 pumping mixes on the single. Watch out for updates and sales outlets. Coming soon!

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