Friday, October 8, 2010

Visa 2 Dance Contemporary Dance Festival

I've just finished my morning dance class. It was awesome. I can honestly say, the show is getting better and better with each class. There's absolutely no comparison with my first outing a couple of weeks ago. This is getting REALLY  hot! I'm varying the moves with every class to continually confuse the body. That is the best way to keep the burn factor going. I've lost SO MUCH weight in the last couple of weeks. And you know? I lift weights 5 times a week in my own gym (located in my garden), but DANCING has helped shift those extra pounds I wanted GONE real quick...not that I was overweight -- far from it! I guess I'm just obsessed with fitness. But honestly, DANCING -- the way I put you through your paces -- shreds fat so quickly. I love it! And I'm sure, when you see the NEW you, you will too. That said, nutrition is also key to a trimmer body. I WATCH what I eat. And soon, I will be dishing out advice on what to eat and what NOT to eat. I need a moment to compile a handy reference handbook for you. Hang on in there. Coming up!

Just to let you know that, after my dance class last night, I went to see the Visa 2 Dance Contemporary Dance Festival at the Diamond Jubilee Hall, Dar es salaam. Awesome! If you haven't been, then it's on again today at 7.30pm (8th Oct) and tomorrow at 7.30pm (9th Oct). The festival moves to Zanzibar Friday 15th October. More information is available on their website

As always, thanks for dropping by. Catch you later!

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DANCE CLASS RESERVATIONS: Please call or SMS to book your place. Dance classes run Thursdays 6pm, Fridays 8.30am, Saturdays 7pm... in Oysterbay (Dar es salaam), 3 streets behind the Colosseum.  You'll receive directions via SMS when your booking is confirmed.


  1. Hi I am an ex student of Tony's ...
    I loved every minute of my classes with him.. he did full justice to my lessons . i dont know the lingo / terms but can say my voice sounded amazingly different after my lessons !i had to move out of dar but am hoping to be back to start where i stopped !!!

  2. hey hi, i really love to dance and i would love to join your dance session but i wanna know what kind of dance do you teach,are they for free or how much do we have to pay for them and how do we send the sms to get the directions

  3. Hi, Please send me an SMS on 0715 364 045 and I will send back more info. Thanks! Joett